The Cygnet Process

All of Cygnet’s clients benefit from access to The Cygnet Process™ which Ted Lakkides, CFP® developed over 25 years ago and has been refining ever since.

The Cygnet Process™ is a fully transparent, systematic, and consultative approach to financial planning that helps us control quality and maintain objectivity in every financial plan we help people build and the recommendations we make.

This methodical process assures that everybody receives the same high quality advice and service regardless of which Financial Wellness Center they visit or which Personal Financial Advisor they work with.

Multiple Advisor Team

A key element in our quality control processes is an arrangment we call the Multiple Advisor Team. The Multiple Advisor Team is made up of professionals with expertise in the various areas of investments, insurance, financial planning, accounting, pension plans, and the law.

With this approach, your Cygnet advisor has access to a full range of resources and doesn’t have to try and be a "know-it-all".

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