Fiduciary Standard of Care

Roughly 90% of the financial services industry operates under the Suitability Standard of Care when serving their clients[1]. This is a legal standard developed by the financial industry and its self-regulatory bodies. Under the Suitability Standard of Care the extent of the financial representative's legal obligation is to assure that their recommendations are reasonable (“suitable”) given the client’s age, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Once suitability has been determined and properly documented, the financial firms and their professionals are permitted to place their self-interests ahead of their client’s best interests.

At Cygnet, we do things a bit different and believe that clients deserve better.

While we make sure our advice meets the Suitability Standard, Cygnet goes the extra mile and willingly abides by the Fiduciary Standard of Care. This is the same client-first, ethics-based legal standard of care that doctors, lawyers and CPAs are obligated to follow.

When operating under the Fiduciary Standard of Care, Cygnet and our advisors are legally obligated to make decisions and act in a manner which places the client’s best interests ahead of all other considerations. Period.

Follow the links below for more information about the Fiduciary Standard of Care and the evolution of fiduciary law.


[1] Cerulli Associates, Intermediary Markets Survey, September 2010


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